L'Îlot-du-Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland


This residential compound comprises 4 buildings with a total of 139 flats, of about 2.5 to 5.5 rooms each. The main building holds the most apartments and stands parallel to Rue Beau Séjour and respects a continuous face that the adjacent constructions maintain. Below, three smaller blocks are established around a courtyard made up of private gardens. This configuration strongly relates to the urban context in which the project lies. Moreover, this one allows the apartments adjoining the courtyard to have a view and an optimal source of natural light. A large parking lot (160 spaces) and technical rooms connect the entity of the compound. The majority of the newly built flats are distributed around a central core, allowing the scheme to be simple and efficient. Living rooms are located towards the southern side, whilst the bed rooms on the northern side. Additionally, some apartments are set in the context of the attic as well as duplex apartments with access to the garden. The buildings appear a light-colored concrete with different details and finishes; large bay windows in the living rooms and full height windows with sliding shutters in the bed rooms. The apartment buildings hold the ‘Minergie’ label.