While the Covid-19 epidemic keeps growing, deeply affecting our lives from a social, personal, family and professional standpoint, we have had the opportunity to set up teleworking tools for all our employees in order to protect them and, thereby, protect the population. 

We thank them and all the partners and stakeholders with whom we work on a daily basis for the goodwill they show in order to cope with this unforeseen and unprecedented situation. We are grateful for their patience, positive approach and adaptability, as well as for their understanding and mutual support given the complex implications for many of us who are parents.

These constructive behaviours and actions will enable us to pursue our mission to serve our clients and, by extension, our community. 

Our thoughts are also with the business sectors and the people for whom adapting to these new circumstances is not possible. We wish them courage and confidence for the future.

We hope that we will come out stronger and wiser from this massive health crisis, with the ability to respond quickly to the unexpected, but also more aware than ever of the human and social challenges of our time and our profession.